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It all began in 1990 when Victor, working at a jewelry store, crossed paths with Laura. Their fateful meeting led to a beautiful love story, culminating in marriage and a shared dream to create a lasting legacy. Together, they embarked on an exciting journey, opening their very first jewelry store in the charming town of Calexico, near the Mexicali border.

As is often the case for aspiring entrepreneurs, their path was filled with both soaring successes and challenging trials. When the economy took a downturn in Calexico, Victor and Laura faced a difficult decision: they chose to close their store and set their sights on a new horizon—the Coachella Valley.

In no time, their business became a beloved local treasure, affectionately known as "the valley's hidden gem." With the rise of digital media, their reputation blossomed even further. Press coverage heralded them as the best jewelry store in the Coachella Valley, and their online presence garnered hundreds of glowing 5-star reviews. Now, they proudly serve clients well beyond their original horizons.

Through all the changes and growth, the core values of our company have remained steadfast—a commitment to serving our community with genuine love, unwavering integrity, and the finest quality products. 

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Community means everything to us. That's why we steer clear of being cold and corporate. Our vision sets us apart: we aspire to offer a delightful, hassle-free, and memorable shopping experience that clients are eager to share with their friends and family. When it comes to making jewelry investments, trust is paramount—much like turning to a trusted family member who also happens to own a jewelry store. That's the role we aim to fulfill because shopping for jewelry isn't merely a transaction; it's a celebration. We've revitalized the world of fine jewelry, making it warm, inviting, and imbued with significance once more.


At its core, Don Victor Jewelers is a family. And, just like any family, our roots hold significance for us. That's why, after over 30 years, we will always acknowledge a more valuable approach to conducting business—one in which clients are earned, trust is cultivated, and memories are crafted. As the legacy transitions from Victor and Laura to their son, Daniel, Don Victor Jewelers will continuously endeavor to serve its clients with passion and integrity, ensuring that clients can enjoy the best possible experience for generations to come.


Diamond In The Rough

Diamond In The Rough

Our story begins when Victor Cazares started working part-time at a jewelry store. Excelling in his role and with clients always asking specifically for Victor, the owner decided to bring him on full-time. Before long, he was the owner’s right-hand man, managing multiple stores, learning to source jewelry competitively, and building excellent relationships with manufacturers. He lived and breathed fine jewelry.
Working amongst the gold and diamonds, he met a young woman named Laura, who handled the whole back end of the store. Both young, ambitious, and passionate about quality jewelry as well as their clients, they hit it off. They fell in love, and within a couple years, they were married!
Above all else, Victor and Laura loved their clients and wanted to help them as best they could. Feeling they could better serve people by having their own space, they took a leap of faith. Despite it being a big financial risk for the young couple, they opened their own jewelry store in a small town called Calexico near the Mexicali border.

More Than A Jewelry Store

More Than A Jewelry Store

Those early years were a great success. Word spread and past clients rooted for them and followed along in their journey. They even started hosting events where the community would come together like a big family to eat, drink and dance. Victor and Laura soon started a family of their own with two sons, Victor in 1990 and Daniel in 1994. What they were creating felt like much more than just a jewelry business.


Economic Collapse & Leaving Calexico

But in 1995, it all came crashing down. The economy collapsed as a result of the Mexican Peso Crisis, causing inflation and interest rates to spike, and household incomes to fall. Victor and Laura had no choice but to close the business. They even lost their home.
Despite struggling financially, Victor and Laura were not done. They wanted to create a better life for themselves, to search for better opportunities. So they made the difficult decision to leave their home and family in Calexico and move to the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert of Southern California.

A New Beginning, A New Jewelry Store

A New Beginning, A New Jewelry Store

Before the turn of the millennium, the opportunity they were waiting for arrived. Together with a business partner, they opened their first jewelry store in the Coachella Valley.


Local Favorites

The business flourished and the family quickly became local favorites, renowned for their charm, integrity, and rich cultural heritage. “It’s like having an uncle who owned a jewelry store”, customers would say, someone they could trust to help them buy jewelry that would become family treasures. The authenticity of their mission and community they had cultivated spoke volumes. They opened their second store in 2000, and their third store in 2007. In 2002, they had a third son, Edgar.


Making Fine Jewelry Accessible

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, however. In 2008, the U.S. housing market crashed, causing a global recession. And after being targeted by countless robberies and the store even being set on fire, they were forced to close one of their locations. As immigrants themselves, Victor and Laura understood the everyday struggles people face, and were committed to making fine jewelry accessible to people of all backgrounds.

A True Family-Run Store

A True Family-Run Store

The problems mounted, putting pressure on the business relationship they had with their partner. Victor and Laura decided it was time to go out on their own, this time as a true family-run business. Instead of letting the problems cause a rift in their relationship, it only made their family unit stronger. Past employees, ever loyal to the couple, turned down much bigger competitors to join them. They loved the culture and community that Victor and Laura had created and wanted to continue to be part of the Don Victor family.


New Store, Same Clients

The opening was a huge success. When previous clients all the way from Mexico found out they had reopened their family business in Southern California all these years later, many began making the two-hour drive from Calexico just to visit their old jewelers. It was a clear sign of the trust and community they had built over the years. They opened their second store in 2012.

The Valley’s Hidden Gem

The Valley’s Hidden Gem

Don Victor Jewelers was now being referred to by local newspapers as “the Valley’s hidden gem” because of their humble beginnings, the deep connections Victor and Laura have established with the Valley’s local community and, of course, the top-level quality of their jewelry.

Passing On A Family Legacy

Passing On A Family Legacy

After graduating from university, Victor and Laura’s second-eldest son, Daniel, joined the family business full-time. Business-minded and driven, he set his sights on sharing this “hidden gem” with the rest of the country. Just like his father, he lived and breathed jewelry. From a young age, he’d loved working at the store, selling his first piece of jewelry at just 11 years old and heading over there most nights after school. While other kids his age cared about sports or video games, Daniel was poring over the craft of jewelry-making. He was dedicated to continuing his parents’ legacy.


“Best Jewelers In The Coachella Valley”

Now, voted “Best Jeweler in the Coachella Valley”, with hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google and new clients driving from all over the U.S. to experience what it’s like to shop there, Don Victor has become far more than just a jewelry store. It represents a local family— a community treasure enriched by its cultural heritage. Inspired every day by its amazing team, Don Victor has a continued dedication to serving their clients with sincere love, integrity, and high-quality products that they can cherish for a lifetime and for generations to follow.

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